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"Insider's" early access to DINO EGGS: REBIRTH

Public game release:  Monday, January 11, 2016


Thank you for being one of the "die hard" fans of Dino Eggs!  The public release of DINO EGGS: REBIRTH will be January 11.  Here are private links -- exclusive to the readers of our newsletter -- to purchase the new game right now:

On Sellfy:  Windows

On Sellfy:  Mac OS

On Sellfy:  Linux


OR -- New! -- use this Humble Bundle widget:

Answering your questions about this early release


  • Other marketplaces (like Steam).  We can't promise If or when DINO EGGS: REBIRTH will appear on other marketplaces, but we do promise to do our best to "connect the dots" and give you ongoing access to your purchase (e.g. by distributing Steam keys) in any way that we can.  (For example, if you bought the game on Sellfy, and now want a Humble Store key, let me know.)


  • Updates.  Purchasers through these links will get access to future updates to the game.


  • PayPal account not needed.  On the Humble Bundle widget, there are several payment options, including debit/credit card, Amazon Payments and Bitcoin.

Enjoying the game?



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