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Welcome!  Want to share anything with the "Dino Eggs" community?  This is the place to do it -- whether it is about the original DE (on original 8-bit computers, or on today's emulators) -- or about "DIno Eggs: Rebirth."


Note:  For issues about "Dino Eggs: Rebirth," check out the Author's Blog or this FAQ.  To contact the author privately, please use the form in the footer below.



Tips, Challenges & Brags -- Have you discovered how to get an extra life in DE:R?  Have you completed "Secrets of the Time Quartz?"  Have you discovered the fifth (hidden) time era on the Time Map?  Let everyone know how you're doing (or not)!


Link to your Videos -- YouTube, Twitch, whatever you've got.  Show us your game play!


High Scores -- Enough said.  For DE, tell us which version/emulator you're playing.  For DE:R, tell us which of the four Time Eras you are bragging about.  Claims about Stars and Achievements in "Dino Eggs: Rebirth" are also welcome.


Wish List -- How would you like to see "Dino Eggs: Rebirth" expand and grow?  Level editor?  Online multiplayer?  Other platforms?  Let us know!

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