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Fan Quotes: A post on AtariAge Forums

AtariAge user MONK recently posted a lengthy assessment of DINO EGGS on this AtariAge Forum.

Here are some excerpts:


I want to thank you, David H. Schroeder, for giving me an incredibly elevated childhood because of your fantastic and inspiring, imagination-poking game! It gave me plenty of excited moments where I felt truly alive... ...there was one game that really made me immerse into another world that I had no idea even existed before. That game was of course the beloved Dino Eggs. When the giant dino foot suddenly appeared and crushed me under its enormous weight, I think I screamed out loud out of fear and also admiration. I didn't know the limitations of the computer, but that foot just seemed 'impossible' to me. I think it was the first time I had ever seen a computer do an 'impossible' thing. It was certainly the first time I had seen something so big move on a computer screen. I loved pretty much everything about the game - the quirky and juicy sound effects, complete with the interesting 'smack' sounds when walking the ladders, and the crushing noise when awful things happened - whether the dino stomped on you or the transmogrifation to a spider happened. Effective and scary, but also exciting and immersive. It was really something else. The very first things I attempted, when I later on got an Amiga and MagiC64 emulator, was to get Dino Eggs to run on it. It didn't look or sound exactly as I remembered, but it was still good to play. It was only when I got a real C64 again that I realized how different the emulated version was. Only on a real C64, you get the full effect, even if you have a HardSID Quattro. I have had fun with that game ever since. Of course there were always other games as well, like Impossible Mission that really made a huge impact on us because of its crystal-clear human voices and screaming sound that we didn't expect - we laughed for ten minutes straight, I am sure, when we first heard it. But Dino Eggs was really something special - and among other things, it was about time travel - one of my favorite topics and dreams - and also, the time-travel-effect seemed really neat back in the time, and made an impact on me.


Thank you, MONK, for sharing these kind words and warm memories...

MONK goes on to talk about game remakes in general -- and my game remake of DINO EGGS in particular, based on the art shown in my original 2013 video. Since then, we've added a new layer of art to DINO EGGS: REBIRTH by British artist JAMES BIDDULPH of JAMO GAMES. See the new 2015 video to get a taste of that.

I hope MONK will take a look at our new 2015 video and give DINO EGGS: REBIRTH a try!

I will say this about remakes... The remake just plain isn't the original game. Period. The original game is the original game, and it is the only thing that *can* be the original game.

When we feel disappointed in a game or movie sequel, it is because we, too, wanted the sequel to *be* the original -- or more accurately, reproduce the *experience* we had when we first encountered the original. That just isn't possible.

I hope people young and old have fun playing DINO EGGS: REBIRTH -- but while it is a labor of love *inspired* by DINO EGGS -- it can never be the original DINO EGGS. Such miracles of time travel simply are not within the realm of my powers. :-) Wish they were...!

-- David H Schroeder


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