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Update: Build now available

UPDATE JUNE 19, 2016 -- We've released Build

-- Gives access to the Leaderboard from the Paused menu.

-- A second player joining Co-op Multiplayer can now be done anytime during an arcade game of Dino Eggs: Rebirth.

-- Skip the tutorial. If you or a friend want to get into the game more quickly, you can go to Options --> Skip Tutorial. (Only available if you've made no progress in the game. If you have, you can Options --> Clear All Progress, and then Skip Tutorial.)

-- Fixed a multiplayer scoring issue.

This is the build now available on all platforms -- Steam, Sellfy, and Humble. If you have purchased Dino Eggs: Rebirth and have any difficulty accessing this latest build, don't hesitate to email me. If you're on Steam, this update will be automatic. If you're not on Steam, I'll email you a fresh Humble Key on request.



MARCH 6, 2016 -- We have released Build of the game, which adds many new features and fixes.

Build includes:

-- Global Online Leaderboards for all high scores, stars, and achievements.

-- Two-person *co-operative* play now available for the Dino Eggs: Rebirth arcade game.

-- New background options allow you to adjust game screen contrast and make it easier to see where the screen wraps. You can even set the background to Classic Black.

-- Better controller support.

-- Various adjustments in "Dino Eggs: Classic" to make it more faithful to the original game -- improved level generation, increased contamination speed, display the skill level number.

-- Two new languages: Italian and Japanese.

-- Various other fixes and enhancements.

If you have any questions or issues, go to our website (, click on AUTHOR'S BLOG AND FAQ and check out the various topics like "FAQ -- How to update the game." You can also contact me through the website if you have unresolved problems.

Note to MAC OS user: Check out the FAQ on "How to update the game" to make sure that you won't lose your game high scores and player progress in the process of updating.

Also, I encourage you to join the GAME FORUM on our website and join in the conversation!

I'm happy to announce that DINO EGGS: REBIRTH will be released on Steam sometime this spring. Everyone who has purchased the game -- including here on Humble Bundle -- will get Steam Keys for DINO EGGS: REBIRTH when the game is released on that platform.

Thanks again for playing DINO EGGS!

Best Wishes, David H Schroeder

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