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FAQ: Video Issues

Video Display


By default, the game displays Full Screen in the same resolution as the Windows Desktop.

If the game displays, but you want to select a different resolution for the game, or change from Full Screen to Windowed mode:

-- From the Title Page, choose Options.

-- Move down the Options menu to Screen Resolution. Move left/right with the Arrow Keys or Joystick to select from the long list of available Screen Resolutions.

-- Move down the Options menu to Full Screen. Choose Off to have the game display in a Window rather than fill the entire screen.

-- Move down the Options menu to Optimize. Choose Graphics to have the game display full visual quality, even if it might slow things down a bit. Choose Performance if you're willing to sacrifice a little visual quality to keep the game at full speed.

Video "Safe" Display


If the game doesn't display at all, you can open the game in a "safe" Windowed mode with a resolution of 1280x720. To do this, run the game from a Windows command line, adding the option "--safe" (no quotes) to the end of the command line after "DinoEggsRebirth.exe" (no quotes).

Known Nvidia Graphics Issue


One user has reported that if his desktop color depth is set to 16 bpp he gets an OpenGL error and the game won't run. Specifically the error is "Could not find suitable graphics device... OpenGL 2.1 support is required!"

The fix is to set desktop color depth to 32 bpp.

Video Speed -- Everything's moving too fast!


If the game plays at an unplayable, super-accelerated rate...

First try the following steps:

  • While viewing the game's title screen, hold down the F1 key. You should see the game version number displayed at the bottom right of the screen.

  • Continue holding down the F1 key and press the F10 key. You should see the message "fixed time steps" displayed on the top right of the screen. Now try to play the game...

If this fixes the speed problem, you can create then a Command Line shortcut to the game. Add the option "--fts" (no quotes) to the end of the command line after "DinoEggsRebirth.exe" (no quotes) so that you don't have to use the F1 and F10 keys everytime you want to play the game.

If the above steps do NOT fix the speed issue, please check the settings on your video card.

This crazy speed can be caused by a video card being told to never use VSYNC. This sometimes appears as an Advanced Setting called "Performance vs Quality."

Set the video card to "USE VSYNC" -- or choose "Quality" rather than "Performance."

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