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The 3 original versions of Dino Eggs

Originally, there were three official versions of DINO EGGS that actually saw the light of day. I wrote the game for the Apple ][. The IBM adaptation was done by Leon Frenkel, then a young fellow in Plano, TX. I'm still in touch with Leon today. The C64 version was done by Leonard Bertoni. I never met Leonard. He has several 8-bit game credits listed on MobyGames. I'd love to hear from you, Leonard, if you get wind of this!

And -- there was to be a ColecoVision cartridge. In fact, the anticipation for ColecoVision was a big part of DINO EGG being signed by MicroLab in 1982. They were HOT to get games on ColecoVision, and they had plans to port my first game CRISIS MOUNTAIN to ColecoVision as well. However, things (even then) changed very quickly in the tech world, and neither game ever was released on ColecoVision.

Hats off to the folks who ported -- or at least started to port -- DINO EGGS to other computers! This, of course, is not to exclude the mod Dino Smurf, which is its own story...

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