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An Apple ][ reunion to remember...

A couple of weeks ago, I attended an Apple ][ reunion party in California hosted by John Romero (Wolfenstein 3D, Doom) and his wife Brenda Romero.

I was so pleased and honored to be included. I'm the guy in the orange shirt.

The documentary filmmaker Jason Scott was there, too, filming interviews with guest like Robert Woodhead (Wizardry) and Jerry Jewell (Sirius Software).

During the "golden age" of home computer games, I had had dealings -- directly or indirectly -- with several of the people at the party, but I had not met any of them in person. Yet I felt instantly at home at the gathering. We had each encountered this amazing machine some 30+ years ago, and it had changed all of our lives.

I was delighted that several of my colleagues shared warm memories of my games "Crisis Mountain" and "Dino Eggs." Memories, yes, but not necessarily old memories. One fellow said he played "Dino Eggs" all the time with his sixteen-year-old daughter -- and he took our picture together to prove to her that he had met me.

Thanks, John and Brenda Romero, for making this happen. Thanks all for attending.

Thanks everyone who played on the Apple ][ -- or play today on its emulation descendants.


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