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From Commodore 64 to "Dino Eggs: Rebirth"

Here is a great comparison between the original Dino Eggs on Commodore 64 and the re-creation of "Dino Eggs: Classic" within the new upcoming product "Dino Eggs: Rebirth."

This comparison was contributed by Marc Palms, who has also translated the new game into German. Thank you, Marc!


The game is easier to control now [in Dino Eggs: Rebirth]:

  • The controls are much more fluent now, they used to be pretty notchy on the C64 -- Eric's game feels great!

  • Because of the C64's one-button-controller, collecting eggs (push button while pulling joystick back) was more difficult and you could not do it while running -- now you can.

The timing is more relaxed now:

  • Tim runs faster now -- it only takes him 7 s to cross the screen compared to 10 s on the C64.

  • The proto-pedes are a lot slower than they used to be -- they crossed the screen in 3 s - now it takes them 5 s.

  • Contaminations (especially multiple contaminations) don't lead to death as fast as on the C64. The additional countdown at the end of the health bar only adds to that.

Dino Mom's foot is easier to run away from now:

  • You can see it coming for about 1 s earlier at the top of the screen -- on the C64 it was pretty much impossible to escape it on the upper two ledges.

  • It does not kill you in mid-air nowadays.

Small details make the game a little easier:

  • On the C64 you could not leave a 'ladder' by pressing the jump button -- climbing without a having a fire was very dangerous back then.

  • Dropping a boulder on a snake would sometimes not kill it back in the day, it always does so now, it seems.

These are the differences that struck me. The timing is probably the most important factor that makes the new game easier.


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