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FAQ: Multiplayer tips and techniques


Beginning with Build, we've added a two-player CO-OP version of the arcade game. This CO-OP multiplayer is available in the four game lobbies -- the screens on which you choose a Skill Level to begin playing "Dino Eggs: Rebirth."

On the Time Map, choose any of the four Time Eras in the "Dino Eggs: Rebirth" row. You will see the list of ten Skill Levels.

(Note: The very *first* time you enter a new Time Era, you'll be swept right into the game because it isn't necessary for you to choose a Skill Level.)

While on the Skill Level screen -- OR -- NOW anytime during this new game -- press any button on a SECOND game controller to join the game as Player 2. (Or if Player 1 is using a game controller -- press Enter to use the keyboard for Player 2.)

In Co-op Play, Tim and Tam share three lives and one score. Player 1 is always Tam. Player 2 is always Tim.

If either Tim or Tam earns a bonus life, they've (jointly) gained that additional life.

The game ends when either player dies in his or her last available life. (It's a co-op game, so you can't keep playing alone.)


In “Dino Eggs: Rebirth,” up to 8 players can compete locally on a single computer.


To play DE:R competitively, choose "Multplayer" from the title page menu.

There are currently two different Competitive Multiplayer modes:

  • Last Tim Standing: If you run out of lives you lose. Otherwise highest point total wins the round.

  • Highest Score: Every player has infinite lives. Highest point total wins the round. Re-spawning after losing a life takes (wastes) some of your time -- except if you have an extra life.

In both modes, leaving the cliff (screen) means losing the round. This can be useful especially in the "Highest Score" mode when a player judge that all hope is lost for a player to outscore its competitor.

Additional Multiplayer modes could be added in the future. Let us know what you’d like to see in the “Wish List” folder of our game Forum!


For each Multiplayer mode the following options can be tweaked to your liking:

  • Skill level: Arena where the action is going to take place. You can make it random or select a specific level out of the 43 available.

  • Rounds to win: How many round does a player need to win to win the match? Once a round is over the BACK button directly starts the next one. Once a match is over the BACK button directly starts the next match. A match counter will the be displayed on the the left side of the screen each time a round is over. The right side is always used to count the rounds won by each player. If a random skill level was chosen then the next match will take place in a new landscape.

  • Time warps: Number of time warps available in the level. When starting a round all the players are appearing at the same location to give everyone equal chances. Only one player can use a time warp at a time. In general choosing less time warps is making the game more strategical.

  • Power gains: Controls the number of Power Flowers that will appear on the cliff. Options are None, Some or Plenty.

  • Baby capture: Controls the capture of baby dinosaurs that are already caged by another player. Options are:

--- Classic: Once a baby is caged by a player then the cage stays for this player and cannot be changed by other players. The first player who captures the baby wins!

--- Steal: Caging a baby that is already caged by another player is replaces the cage owner. The last player who captures the baby wins!

--- Multi: Several player can cage the same baby dinosaur. The first of those players who warps out with the baby wins!

  • Contamination: Flag to indicate if touching another player when contaminated is contaminating it.

  • Round limit: You can set a limit to the round so that it does not last too long. By going left on this option you can specify how long (in minutes) the round will last. And by going right how mant points will trigger a direct win.

The next screen is used to select how many players are going to compete, to specify their color and appearance (Tam or Tim) and optionally to assign extra lives...


  • Press on START button on your controller or ENTER on the keyboard. Player will appear and game will automatically assign its associated input device accordingly. Jump button can also be used.

  • Pressing on the same button will set the player ready for action. Game will start automatically once all players have set themselves ready. Pressing again on the button will go back to the state where player can define more options. These options are described below.

  • Going left or right is switching the appearance of the player from Tim to Tam. Pressing left or right again grants extra lives on this player. This can be useful when a player is not as good as others.

  • Going up and down changes the color the player.

  • If you are running out of controllers pressing on the X button or X key is splitting the controller in two so that an additional player can join. This way up to 8 players can play simultaneously.


During the match itself many strategies can be applied to win.

Like dropping boulders or wood on the head of competitors, staying on a lower level when dino mom attacks, moving the time warp so that contaminated players cannot heal, etc...

Have fun!

-- Eric Ferrot


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