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FAQ: Online Leaderboards

Beginning with Build -- we have a series of global online Leaderboards in Dino Eggs: Rebirth.

These Leaderboards are available in several places in the game.

  • In Options > "Achievements and Leaderboards"

  • In each of the four arcade game lobbies -- the screen on which you choose one of ten Skill Levels to begin playing "Dino Eggs: Rebirth."

  • While you are in the initial Time Warp at the start of a game of "Dino Eggs: Classic."

  • On the Paused menu.

In all these cases, you'll see a flashing ">" right arrow on the screen. Move your joystick to the right (or press the > arrow key) and you'll enter our Leaderboards.

If you haven't entered a name for the Leaderboards, you'll be prompted to do so. Use you keyboard to enter a name, pressing Enter when you are done. (You can change your Leaderboard name later, but you'll still be posting only one set of high scores onto the DE:R Leaderboards.)

Here are the different Leaderboard lists:

  • From Options > "Achievements and Leaderboards", you'll see a global ranking of players by Stars, Achievements, and Time Map Eras unlocked.

  • From any of the arcade game lobbies, you can access two lists:

  • Global rankings by Skill Level and High Score ever achieved.

  • Global rankings by number of Stars and Score earned within a single game.

  • From Dino Eggs: Classic, you'll see a global ranking of High Scores for that version of the game.

If you don't have internet access, you won't be able to see or update these Leaderboards. But if you have access sometimes and not others, you'll "catch up" the next time you play DE:R. You don't have to be online *while* you're making your huge High Score -- it will "log" properly the next time you are online.

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